Optional parent teacher conference letter

Do you have optional parent conferences? Our classes are at much higher numbers than in K-3 We will not have to meet with parents of students who are doing well. Since this is the first time this will go into effect, and parents weren't told of this at the beginning of the school year, our principal would like us to come up with a letter explaining this and giving parents the option of meeting with us if they still want a conference.

I'm asking that any of you who have implemented something like this, please share your criteria for who does and does not need a second conference as we need to decide on that too, so that we are all working with the same 'definition'.

Would anyone happen to have any sort of letter with this type of information so I don't have to start from scratch? Thanks for any help you can offer on this! In our K-5 building we don't have a set criteria, it's just based on who we think we need to conference with.

I almost always meet with all of my students receiving extra help Title 1 which are usually my lowest, while others at my grade level don't always ask them to come in. I tend to ask for conferences with those who have fallen a little behind since the last grading period, so I can explain to parents why their grades are what they are and give them examples of ways to practice at home to strengthen those skills.

I sometimes meet for behavior problems as well, but usually they're already very aware of any problems by this time. If I am not going to meet with the parents I send home a small note that says something like: Conferences are scheduled for Thursday evening at XXXX Elementary. At this time, I do not feel that is necessary to meet with you.

If, however, you would like a conference, please contact me through note, email, or voicemail at school. I like having this option. It is very flexible for the parents and our schedules. Sometime I have them before school and sometimes after.

optional parent teacher conference letter

There aren't any set criteria, with the exception of the requirement that we meet with parents of any student we want to retain in order to make a final decision. In my school, we've always battled the over-zealous parents who only want to discuss next year's class placement. Those are often the only parents who request conferences. If there are any specific issues regarding academics or behavior, I will directly contact those parents to schedule a conference.

In addition, the school newsletter has a short note about conferences being by request and parents should contact teacher if they want one. Attached Files april conferences note. This is typical of the note we send except we do not do drop in appts any more. We ask them to send the day and time they prefer. Two differences: on ours, we bullet-point the many ways we use to stay in touch with parents emails, grade reports, returned work, phone calls, websites, newsletters, etc.

This is meant to send the message that hey, we're already communicating with you, so you don't absolutely NEED a conference if your kid is doing well. Second, in place of teachers' names, we list content areas.

There are two boxes: progress is satisfactory, and conference requested. We are departmentalized so that way parents know who to schedule specific conferences with.

We are sending the letters with the current grade report so it should be evident why a conference is necessary.

I usually request a conference for any student who has a C- or lower, or whose grade has dropped a full letter grade over the quarter, or who has other issues that necessitate a face-to-face. I didn't realize it was so common to have the second conference of the year be an optional one. I referred to some of your comments as I wrote the letter.Selecting a mode of a good communication is very important in any walk of life.

The sender has to assure that the receiver has received the message and comprehend the message in its true sense.

Therefore, even in the case of teachers, it is important for them to keep updated about all the events and issues to parents. Every school normally has scheduled a conference with parents. The planning and message have to be sent prior to the conference so that needful measures can be taken.

The use of the letter to parents requesting teacher conference can be very helpful. The sample letter to the parent requesting teacher conference is an easy and professional way to communicate with parents. Teachers can incorporate the use of this sample template by simply downloading it and make their life easy. This can be printed and used regularly for the purpose of the conference. The letter is ready with a courteous invitation to parents about the conference.

The teachers just have to write down the name of the child and date. Any school can use this in regular practice and customize this letter according to the needs of the school. This way communication is not only made in a formal way but also gives a professional look. The teacher will also feel that they have fulfilled their responsibility in the best possible manner.

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In different educational institutions, a parent conference is held. The purpose of this conference. About Author Kate Kate Elizabeth is fond of writing and sharing quality literature with her fellows.Conducting effective parent-teacher conferences can boost family involvement in your classroom and help promote positive outcomes for you, your students, and your school. Parent-teacher conferences are usually once or twice a year at progress reporting periods.

They are brief meetings, lasting about minutes. Conferences are typically scheduled 1 to 2 months in advance.


Some middle and high schools only request parent conferences to discuss problems. Most schools set aside specific dates and times for conferences, but if school schedules conflict with family schedules, it's worth the effort to find a mutually convenient time, or even schedule a phone or video conference. Be mindful of special situations, such as divorced parents, single parents, or guardianships.

Some divorced parents, for example, may prefer separate conferences. While the main focus of parent-teacher conferences should be learning, it's also important to discuss factors that can affect learning, such as students' behavioral and social development. Other topics might include standardized test results, individualized education programs IEPseducation planspeer relationships, classroom behavior, motivation and work habits, as well as students' strengths and challenges. School staff who support your students' learning may attend the conference, too.

An administrator might attend at your request, or the request of a parent or guardian.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Tips for Teachers

Some teachers like students to attend part of the meeting to show that parents and educators are both part of the instructional team. Get informed. Make sure you're familiar with your school's or school district's protocols on progress reports or report cards, grading policies, and any other student assessment tools. As you move through the conference, the report card or progress report can be a springboard for discussion and help guide you through the meeting.

Also, have any local or state standardized tests results available to share, if possible. Make sure you know how the standardized testing data will be used to customize or differentiate instruction for students. Prepare your materials. Preparing materials well before the conference will make you feel more at ease when families show up at your classroom door.

As you're teaching during the school year, keep in mind which assessments will be shared and reported at conferences. Review student data, assignments and assessments that you'll be sharing with parents, and make notes about what you'd like to ask parents about their children to support learning.

optional parent teacher conference letter

In addition to progress reports, you may want to set aside separate conference folders with three to five student documents that support grades and progress, as well as any test results that are available. You can also prepare an outline or agenda for conferences and share them with parents so they know what to expect.

Some teachers keep worksheets with strengths, needs, and social or behavioral notes to guide them through conferences. If you'll be discussing any problems, make sure to have documentation, such as examples of misbehavior or missed assignments.

Also, make sure to inform parents about any problems before the conference. If a parent knows about a concern before the conference, chances are you'll both be better equipped to discuss possible solutions during the conference. Send informative invitations. Be sure to communicate the importance of attending conferences at back-to-school night and other parent forums, and let parents know that they are a critical part of their child's instructional team. When you send home information about conference dates and times, give parents several meeting times to choose from.

On the invitation, remind parents that they'll be able to ask questions, because an effective parent-teacher conference is a two-way conversation about students. You might also want to remind parents to be respectful of other parents' time, and be clear that time slots won't be extended if parents arrive late.

optional parent teacher conference letter

A week or so before the conferences, send home reminders of where and when the conference will be held, as well as the meeting agenda. If a conflict arises and an in-person meeting is not an option, try to schedule an alternative way to meet, via phone or video. If you'll be phone- or video-conferencing, send home copies of materials ahead of time so parents can have them in hand while you talk.

Create a welcoming environment.Is it that time of year again? Parent Teacher Conferences are sometimes treaded by first year teachers and students. It can be another stressful routine in a teachers job, if they are not organized and prepared.

We hope this page will help make the parent conference run smoothly for you. We have hunted for useful tips from teachers and placed them on this page. We have also added useful links to hand-outs that you may wish to supply to your parents. If you are prepared your conference time will fly by! Updated November 9th, Teachers Share Helpful Conference Tips! I am always looking in various places for tips and ideas from teachers. Below you will find a forever growing list of conference tid bits from generous teachers!

My Conferencing Tips. I always like to have a table and two chairs set outside of my room. This becomes a waiting area. On the table I place a bowl of candy, a class book we have made, and some pictures of classroom activities. The parents are more than happy to wait a little bit longer for their conference if they have all these goodies to entertain them.

Before conferences I make sure my files on the students are up to date. I also start to fill out a preconference sheet on each student. This is just an organized form that helps me remember what I would like to discuss with the parents. This form is also used during the conference for notes.

This form is found on our CD - Click to learn more. I have the students fill out a report card on themselves. They also write a goal for the year.

Behavior Letter to Parents From Teacher Template Collection

I take about five min. We discuss them and their goals. This is how I run my conference:. I greet the parents at the door. I show them where to sit at the table and then I sit down next to them rather than across from them.

Before I start talking as I tend to talk fastI tell the parents to feel free to stop me at anytime with questions or comments. I always start with a students strengths and end with a student strengths. I discuss each subject and their performance in the subjects. I go over any assesments second graders take a reading assesment.

I give them a reading strategies bookmark, a fact practice sheet for second gradea copy of the grade level essential learnings, and a list of helpful websites. Often I will have a parent say, "What are some ways to help Sarah with her Spelling? I also hand them a project we have just finished - one the student did a great job on.Many states mandate them, however, whether or not your state or province mandates parent-teacher conferences, I highly recommend that you hold them at least annually!

Having this relationship early on in the year helps you not only to better know and therefore plan for your students, but also helps form a foundation of respect before you have to meet with the parents for other concerns or issues that may come up throughout the year. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning and holding parent teacher conferences:.

This is a time to get to know the parents, find out their concerns and hopes for their child and to let the parents know what and how their child is doing in preschool. We have found that 15 minutes per family is more than enough time to cover the basics and talk with each family. Send a brief survey to each family asking if they have any specific concerns they'd like to discuss at the conference. You can discuss the concerns briefly at the conference and follow up with details at a later time if needed.

Ask families to attend the conference without their child or provide child care. If parents must bring their children, provide for activities for the child to do in a different room than the conference is being held. It may be an every year occurance for you, but it is the first time parents have met with a teacher for their child in many cases!

Try to keep to the points you want to make, covering any concerns that the parent may have told you about in the preconference survey. Simply a list of items that you are working on in the classroom and whether or not you have observed those items in the classroom with this child. For example. If you have listed "prints first and last name" or "ties shoes", parents will think that is a goal for their 3 year old, and it should not be!

You can always write in "ties own shoes" under a heading of "self help skills" or write in "prints first and last name" under "fine motor" or "writing" skills. Want ideas for Developmental Checklists? Parent teacher conferences are a great time to listen and get to know family dynamics as well as the family's hopes, concerns and expectations for their children.

We can learn a lot be learning to listen! If you have scheduled each parent for 15 minutes of time, stick to that! There is nothing worse than sitting outside the classroom for 35 minutes past the time of a meeting, especially when the parents have children at a babysitter's or with them!

I recomend setting a timer to keep you on track! We all tend to remember the first and last things discussed in conversations. The same is true for parent teacher conferences. The parents are digesting a lot of information when you are discussing developmental goals. Begin and end the meeting on a positive note. You could share a funny and cute story about their child to begin the meeting and end with how excited you are to have their child in the group.

Remember that parent teacher conferences are very big deals to parents, no matter how informal they are. You are setting the pace for your relationship with this parent for the rest of the school year and when held on a regular basis, they are one of the best teambuilding actions you can take as a preschool teacher! Voted 1 Preschool Blog !

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I thank you for your input and assure you that due consideration will be given in our future planning regarding some of the suggestions. In this regard i would once again like to inform you that school management has given full authority to vice principal and the heads of the sections to resolve day by day issues. If you have any concern regarding your child you may see them on prescribed days on given time.

In this regard please note that it would not be possible for them to see the parents at all the times and especially without appointment. Incas you do not get an appointment from any of the concerned persons or there is a delay in getting the appointment or you are not entertained at the given time you may send your complaint to the following number or email address. Kindly note that the mobile number can only be used for receiving sms and no calls shall be received on this number.

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