Dct transmission controller

Here's three great, free alternatives : Firefox - Chrome - Opera. March 25, After a long road of development, we are excited to announce that the next generation of Quick controllers is now available! The Quick6, Quick4, and Quick2 have been redesigned from the ground up, featuring an all-new circuit board design, built-in OLED display, and a graphical user interface rich with new features and fuctionality. To learn more, click here to be taken to the Quick4's product page.

US Shift transmission control systems from Baumann Electronic Controls represent the state of the art in electronic transmission control. US Shift products are cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to use for high-performance and heavy-duty applications. US Shift products are equally well suited to the finest street rods, 8-second drag cars, off-road vehicles, high-powered diesels, motor-homes, and specialty applications. US Shift controllers feature the smallest size, most useful features, and greatest value of any transmission controller on the market.

Best of all, they are proudly made in the USA. Our 18 years of transmission control experience have provided us with a working knowledge of what customers want most.

Modern electronics technology and innovative design allow us to deliver the best features and performance with minimal size and cost. We believe there is no better transmission control system available at any price.

dct transmission controller

Once you compare the features of US Shift to the competition, we are certain that you will agree. US Shift products are the only transmission controllers on the market with a native USB interface and free tuning software for fast and easy PC connectivity with no adapter cables. The easy-to-use, graphical built-in tuning interface allows the most common settings to be changed without using a PC or laptop. For most users, the built-in tuning interface will be adequate to dial-in their transmission, while the ultra-fast USB interface and intuitive Windows-based tuning software will satisfy even the most advanced tuners for no extra cost.

The standard wiring harnesses are complete and require as few as three connections to produce an operating transmission. The design of US Shift controllers and wiring harnesses are optimized to simplify installation and troubleshooting.

Like our intuitive tuning software, our installation manuals are straightforward, well illustrated, and easy to follow. We also have ample, experienced technical staff to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns that you may have.

I contacted US Shift to see if anything was in the works and they were in the middle of Quick 6 development. I stayed in regular contact with Jake, and one day the Quick 6 became a reality. I was offered a Beta Tester slot and I jumped at the opportunity.

This turned out to be a great experience. There were a couple of hiccups at first, but Karl was right there to work through it. Once we got the initial settings worked out, I began adjusting the tune. This time, I was able to take full advantage of the Quick 6 software no constant-pressure valve-body. It was very easy to navigate and any questions I had were immediately answered. I spent a lot of time perfecting the programming to my liking.

I wanted to thank you all for your amazing product. I finally finished my truck. The shifts are perfect. Could not ask for a better product. The use of a Laptop makes the shift points even better. Thanks again. I purchased a Quick 4 transmission controller to replace the [competitor's] controller in my Chevelle.

I had been running the [competitor's] unit for several years and it worked OK, but was a royal pain to program and did not offer multiple tables like the Quick 4 does. My wife was not fond of riding in my Chevelle because it shifted so hard, which was what I wanted.A dual-clutch transmission DCT sometimes referred to as a twin-clutch transmission or double-clutch transmission is essentially a type of automated manual transmission in automobilesclosely related to a manual transmission.

It uses two separate clutches [1] for odd and even gear sets. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions with their respective clutches contained within one housing, and working as one unit. If we discount [ why? Porsche has been experimenting with DCT since After trying different designs they concluded with a final design tested from till and was first used in Porsche in DCT work continued from Porsche in-house development, for Audi and Porsche racing cars later in the s, [2] when computers to control the transmission became compact enough: the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe English: dual-clutch gearbox PDK [2] used in the Porsche [2] and [2] Le Mans race cars from[2] and the Audi Sport Quattro S1.

A dual-clutch transmission eliminates the torque converter as used in conventional epicyclic-geared automatic transmissions. As of [update]the largest sales of DCTs in Western Europe are by various marques of the German Volkswagen Group[10] though this is anticipated to change as other transmission makers and vehicle manufacturers make DCTs available in series production automobiles. It is a dual-clutch automatic. In DCTs where the two clutches are arranged concentricallythe larger outer clutch drives the even-numbered gears and the smaller inner clutch drives the odd-numbered gears.

Dual-clutch transmissions use two fundamentally different types of clutches: either two wet multiplate clutches, bathed in oil for coolingor two dry single-plate clutches. Currently, three variations of clutch installation are used. The original design used a concentric arrangement, where both clutches shared the same plane when viewed perpendicularly from the transmission input shaft, along the same centre line as the engine crankshaft ; when viewed head-on along the length of the input shaft, this makes one clutch noticeably larger than the other.

The second implementation uses two single-plate dry clutches — side-by-side from the perpendicular view, but again sharing the centre line of the crankshaft. A later variation uses two separate but identically sized clutches.

These are arranged side-by-side when viewed head-on along the length of the input shaft and crankshaft centre lineand also share the same plane when viewed perpendicularly. This latter clutch arrangement unlike the other two variations is driven by a gear from the engine crankshaft. BorgWarner Inc. The company has produced various dual-clutch transmission modules beginning in The Nissan GT-R uses BorgWarner components, including the dual-clutch module, clutch-control, shift-actuation systems, and synchronizer assemblies.

Eaton Corporation developed the first dual-clutch transmission for class trucks in North America - Procision. Magneti Marelli produces the control system, which integrates BorgWarner's hydraulic actuation module into its own power and transmission control units.

The 7H AMT Transmission provides seven forward speeds with multiple usage of gears the electric drive can use unused gears from the combustion engine path : this aims to substantially reduce the complexity of the unit, as well as the package size and weight.

With use of electromechanical actuation, rather than electrohydraulic, the 6DCT transmission surpasses the conventional manual transmission in fuel consumption and CO 2 emission. The first application was the Renault Espace with a 1. The — Ford Fiesta and the — Focus with the Getrag DCT's are the subject of a class-action lawsuit and many individual lawsuits. Italian specialist Oerlikon Graziano was in the process of developing a wet-clutch DCT for original equipment manufacturer fitment into supercars.

Audi originally used the direct-shift gearbox name, but now uses the name "S tronic" for its DCTs. The first ever series production DCT was the Volkswagen Group DQ [10] six-speed dual-clutch transmission, [8] with dual concentric wet multiplate clutches.

This unit has seven forward ratios, [9] but the notable difference over the original DQ is the change from wet to dry clutches. The DQ is again for use in transverse applications, but is intended for use in smaller cars, with smaller-displacement engines that generate relatively low torque outputs. The name of the transmission is 7-speed LDF Dual Clutch "Doppia Frizione" with shift characteristics variable via Drive Select Mode and all-wheel drive with electrohydraulic multiplate clutch.

The three modes are strada, sport, and corsa, each with faster shifts.

Understanding CVT !

Launch control raises the rotation speed to rpm before dropping the clutch. Using the paddles to call for earlier shifts knocks 0. Like most new DCTs, the new transmission features dual dry clutches and two input shafts, allowing for seamless torque delivery between shifts, as well as gear-jumping to the optimal ratio, should the driver ask for it.

More fuel-efficient than Kia's existing six-speed automatic transmission, the new DCT has been engineered with low fuel consumption and a sporty driving feel when in manual mode, and with comfort and smoothness when left in automatic mode.Javascript seems to be disabled. Please enable javascript in order to utilize this website's full potential.

To learn how, click here. Performance Aftermarket PCS offers a broad product line of transmission control modules, dataloggers, paddle shifters, and more for the aftermarket. PCS transmission controllers support more transmissions than any other controller on the market. The paddle shifters and push button shifters are an excellent addition to hot rods, custom trucks, or performance street cars.

Our highly knowledgeable technical support staff will help during installation or calibration hurdles. Learn more about the Aftermarket product offerings. Vehicle Manufacturers The PCS OEM group is responsible for providing vehicle manufacturers with transmissions, driveline components, and electronic control modules. The OEM group assists throughout the entire integration process to ensure the driveline is properly engineered for optimum efficiency and reliability during production and the life of the vehicle.

These products and services are intended for companies that manufacture more than one of the same vehicle. Custom car builders should refer to the Aftermarket web site for product offerings. Learn more about the products and services for vehicle manufacturers.They ship with a full set of plug and play cables. Our transmission controllers support a growing range of popular transmissions including:.

We proudly stand behind every transmission controller we sell. So you get an expertly engineered product plus a team that is with you all the way. Lukasz M. Gearstar Performance Transmissions, Inc. Akron, OH Transmission Controllers, Parts and Accessories. Our customers have their say This has been a very commercially successful and a versatile tool that has enabled to offer electronic automatic conversion kits to the manual Land Rover Defender.

It has been a pleasure to work with the product support guys to develop and improve their transmission controller product line. They are extremely knowledgeable about their automatic transmission controller products and go out of their way to provide fantastic customer care! It's always a pleasure to use a HGM product on one of our builds because we know that they stand behind their products and go that extra mile to ensure that that everything is perfect!

We have been using Compushift since and always recommend it. We have tried other transmission controllers, but Compushift has proven to be the most durable and versatile system on the market. HGM are knowledgeable on transmissions and electronics, plus they are passionate about their product. The ease of use and fantastic tech support make dealing with HGM so easy.

Nothing is too difficult. Mike and Guy are always eager to help with new ideas and concepts to bring dreams into reality.

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Would not consider any other transmission controller which is why I used one in my own vehicle. I highly recommend HGM, excellent company to deal with, the guys are experts in their field. They are the easiest to set up, most user friendly and trouble free controller, bar none. Along with a dependable product we have always been able to count on HGM for the best tech support and service. Having HGM as a supplier is like having them as part of your team, I would never consider another transmission controller system, nothing else even comes close.Documentation Help Center.

Dual-Clutch Transmissions

This example shows a vehicle with a five-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission. The transmission controller converts the pedal deflection into a demanded torque. This demanded torque is then passed to the engine management. The pedal deflection and the vehicle speed are also used by the transmission controller to determine when the gear shifts should occur. Gear shifts are implemented via the two clutches, one clutch pressure being ramped up as the other clutch pressure is ramped down.

Gear pre-selection via dog clutches ensures that the correct gear is fully selected before the on-going clutch is enabled. This model can be configured for fixed-step simulation, making it suitable for hardware-in-the-loop testing. Only one of these clutches is engaged at a time. Engaging and disengaging these clutches is how gear changes are made.

Five Dog Clutch components from Simscape Driveline are connected between the follower shaft of each gear to the transmission output shaft. The controller preselects the next gear to which the transmission will shift by engaging the dog clutches.

At any point, two of the dog clutches will be engaged, that for the current gear and that for the next gear to which the transmission will shift. Tire models from Simscape Driveline that are characterized by the Magic Formula are connected to a longitudinal model of the vehicle dynamics.

dct transmission controller

The driveshaft is connected to the rear wheels. The normal force for each axle is used in the slip calculation for each wheel. The plots below show the engine and vehicle speed as it accelerates through the first three gears in the dual-clutch transmission. The half-gear states indicate gear shifts are taking place by engaging and disengaging the dual clutches. A modified version of this example exists on your system. Do you want to open this version instead? Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

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dct transmission controller

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Control and installation packages. Full control has been established with full control of the clutch mechanisms allowing precise calibration to suit any application using this Getrag 7DCI gearbox. The DCT style of gearbox has been taking the OEM world by storm but precious few aftermarket users have been allowed to even consider the use of a DCT transmission, that is until now.

Howell Race Engineering Ltd are now supplying an ecu package to run the E92 M3 package, as well as the following packages which are under development with the standalone S65 engine with DCT gearbox package already available to order. E92 M3 Engine and gearbox control package. Also available for manual transmission cars controlling CAN BUS throttle system and intelligent knock control, programmable 12 position traction control, use of map sensor for forced induction applications, rolling anti lag, multiple calibration maps available for different driver selectable map settings.

This package is for full control of the S54 engine and the 7 DCT gearbox together. This is available for the complete road car chassis package or for race car chassis where much of the original electronics package has been removed. When things like ABS systems are not required. Finally a package for the Sierra Cosworth YB engine. This gearbox will handle NM in standard form and can be modified to cope with over NM of torque.

Imagine a lightweight Cosworth with huge power and at last a 7 speed gearbox with amazing ratios along with lightening fast gearchanges, auto blip throttle for downshifts and if you feel a little lazy drop into auto mode and let the ecu make the gearchanges. If your feeling exceptionally lasy cruise control can also be implemented but we think most cusomers would be more interested in the rolling anti lag.

All the features mentioned above will be available for this package, it is also worth mentioning the extremely valuable engine protection features which come as standard and can be programmed to specification. Obviously the ecu has an extremely advanced knock control strategy which is complemented by a very precise wide band lambda strategy, also available are limits which can be applied to engine temperatures and pressures ensuring the driver is made aware of any problems by a sudden lack of available throttle and limited engine speed until the problem is addressed.

DCT advantages. Auto throttle blipping matching engine speeds on downshifts. Run in Manual with paddles or auto mode where ecu makes gearchanges. Improved engine reliability with no missed gears. Improved laptimes due to improved gear change speed and very close ratios. Driver can focus on racing with one less job to do. Left foot braking for the more experienced driver.The DCTdevelopment began with the feeling of the developer saying, "We want you to enjoy more motorcycle ".

It's a new proposal for a "New experience" sent from Honda to all rides across the globe. DCT maximizes the gears where the riders can feel the perfect timing of shift changes and the feeling of acceleration and deceleration, and performs the precise electronic control with each model.

We focused on finding the ideal setting that offers you perfect rides on various scenes, like Relaxed Cruising, Sport riding on a winding-road and aggressive off-road riding. The evolutional idea that changes the concept of motorcycle with DCT knocked down various problems and finally succeeded production of the VFRF in The development team imagined that the customer's smile whith this automatic gear shifting. We will continue to create the future of DCT for our customers and will capture more precious moments with their motorcycles.

To enjoy. A new transmission has been invented, Honda DCT. It's not a manual, it's not an automatic. Our goal is to pursue the "Jinba Ittai". The passion and the technology that Honda uses will take you to the future of humanity and motorcycle.

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